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Solferino Academy

The IFRC Solferino Academy helps humanitarians find creative solutions to complex challenges.

The Solferino Academy works across the IFRC network – collaborating with leaders, volunteers, and the communities they support – to help them design and test new ideas that work in the real world. 
The Solferino Academy connects the IFRC network of National Societies to experts and change-makers, generating new perspectives and fresh ideas to transform the way humanitarians think and operate.  

By choosing collaboration, experimentation, and imagination, together we can create a resilient organisation ready for the demands of a rapidly changing planet. 

Red Social Innovation

RED Social Innovation is an international resource centre for social innovation supported by the French Red Cross and the Spanish Red Cross. 

The objectives of Red Social Innovation are as follows:

  • Sharing good practice of social innovation and transformation within the Movement to withstand socio-economic change.
  • Enabling the transfer of skills from innovative National Societies to those in need of support.
  • Supporting open inclusive innovation by sharing methods, solutions and results.
  • Creating synergies between associations and actors in the Social and Solidarity Economy and the private sector. 

Response Innovation Lab

Response Innovation Lab (RIL) is changing the way innovative solutions are tested and scaled in the humanitarian system by operating response-level platforms that strengthen connections in the ecosystem, raise the visibility of local and non-traditional actors and support innovation projects. 

RIL Response Lab teams are on the ground in some of the most challenging operating environments in the world to help all actors find, test and scale the solutions. 


Elhra is an organisation that finds solutions to complex humanitarian problems through research and innovation.

Elhra has supported more than 200 world-class research studies and innovation projects, championing new ideas and different approaches in order to evidence what works in humanitarian response.
It’s not just about pinpointing ‘what works’. We transform that evidence-based knowledge into practical tools and guidance for humanitarian responders to apply in some of the most difficult situations affecting people and communities.

The Start Network

A global network working towards making system-level shifts in the way humanitarian support is approached and delivered though concrete initiatives and solutions – locally-led. 

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