Are you designing a new project, or want to identify new solutions? Do you want tools to enable structured brainstorm and idea selection? Do you need new tools to understand your context and its stakeholder better?
We got you!  

For humanitarian interventions to stay relevant and impactful, it is imperative to stay curious and critical of what we do and how we do it. The Project Design Toolkit gives you and your team easy access to hand-picked tools and templates – all based on tried and tested innovation methods adapted to the humanitarian sector.

Tools in this toolkit will help you to...

Anticipate the future
Understand and engage ecosystems
Avoid bias and assess problems in new ways
Brainstorm, be creative, and co-create
Test and validate new ideas and concepts fast
Maximise your impact

… together with the people that we work with and for!

Are you missing something? The Project Design Toolkit is a new, growing and dynamic resource. Get in touch and share your feedback and ideas – help us make it even better!